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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​Does my child have to qualify as "gifted" to participate in the enrichment opportunities and camps offered at Capstone Gifted?

Our enrichment programs are designed to meet the needs of gifted learners, but many bright, high ability, or high achieving students find that they are interested in the content and feel comfortable working at high levels.  We welcome all children who are eager to learn and want to challenge themselves.

Capstone Gifted Services offers Super Saturday Challenge Academies throughout the year, evening workshops, and camps during many school holidays and over summer vacation.  New sessions are being added regularly.  Let us know if you have a session idea or a workshop topic you would like to see offered.

Does Capstone Gifted Services provide any support for home school groups?

Capstone Gifted Services provides home school support and can create custom workshops and challenge academies to meet the needs of families within your home school organization.  We also offer educational consultation services and assistance with annual assessments to families within your home school co-op.

How do your fees compare to others?

Our goal is to serve gifted families and build trust.  Our fees are very reasonable when compared with businesses who offer similar services.  We want our families to be 100% satisfied with the experience that they have with Capstone Gifted Services.  Please contact us for a detailed pricing schedule or consultation.

Where are you located?

We are located in McKinney, Texas, but we have satellite offices in Frisco, Allen, and Dallas that are used for consultation and assessment services.  We serve families from around North Texas and schedule consultations in one of our locations that is closest to your family.  

Enrichment services are provided in various locations depending upon the sessions being offered.  You may find us at your local library, community center, or youth building depending on the size of the camp being offered.  We adjust our location as needed so our learners have adequate space to move and interact as they engage in deep learning and lively discussion.

My public/ private school does not offer gifted services.  How can Capstone help us?

Capstone Gifted Services helps your family by providing access to enrichment opportunities for your child, the opportunity to connect your child with like-minded peers, and access to gifted and talented research and resources within the community.   We provide you with the support you need to be your child's advocate and connect you with supplementary services needed for gifted children who do not have access to gifted programming within the school setting.

I homeschool my child.   Are your services appropriate for our situation?

Our services provide parents with additional enrichment opportunities for their children and access to information and resources that can be used to make decisions.  No matter what type of schooling you have chosen for your children, Capstone will work with you to determine the best support for your gifted child and family.  We are proud to support home school families as they strive to demonstrate annual academic progress.

Are you in competition with area school district gifted and talented programs?

Absolutely not.  We value and respect gifted educators and support the programs that are being offered in schools.  It takes a village to support the needs of gifted children and their families.  

Gifted children are gifted more than a few hours each week and their brains don't stop questioning and exploring as the instructional day ends.  Gifted children have intense social, emotional, and intellectual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer services that complement, extend, enhance, and enrich your child's learning.  We provide an environment outside of school where creativity and exploration are encouraged, rich conversations take place, and children connect with like-minded peers who have similar interests and talents.  

We emphatically support area gifted programs, are proud to provide resources for teachers, and continue to be involved with gifted advocacy.  When the gifted community works together, gifted children win.

Do you offer gifted and talented testing services?

The assessment services provided by Capstone Gifted Services are not intended to replace public school assessments and evaluations.  Capstone works with families from all educational environments and creates customized assessments that are dependent upon each individual child's needs.  

Learner Profile Analysis- Capstone consultants will review gifted assessment results from area school district test administrations.  Ability and/or achievement test results will be clarified and explained in detail and options will be suggested so that parents can make educational decisions to help meet the needs of their children.       

Homeschool Family Initial Assessment- Capstone consultants will work with families to determine desired outcomes and the purpose of assessment. Homeschool families typically use assessments to demonstrate annual progress.  If assessment proves necessary, Capstone educational consultants will administer ability and achievement assessments.  Results will be shared with families and an in-depth report will be given along with instructional suggestions.      

Public/ Private/ Charter School Family Initial Assessment- Capstone consultants will work with families to determine what type of information families hope to learn as a result of the assessment process.  Assessment may not be the correct path for every family.  If assessment proves necessary, Capstone educational consultants will administer ability and achievement assessments.  Results will be shared with families and an in-depth report will be given and families will be counseled about resources that are available to help meet their child's needs.      

​Above Level Testing- This service is for children in 4th-6th grades who have already performed in the 95th percentile or higher (compared to their age group) on at least one section of a nationally-standardized test such as the Iowa Assessments, CogAT, etc.   Above level testing discovers exceptionally talented students.   Results can be used by parents and educators to develop their students' strengths through recommendations about appropriately challenging curriculum.  

Students are tested in four areas:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • English

Does Capstone Gifted Services provide test prep workshops prior to gifted and talented testing?

We work with families to ensure that children are familiar with question formatting and instructions for many of the instruments, using material provided by the test publishers that is intended for this purpose.   However, we do not offer test preparation courses.  The ethical integrity of our service and  the validity of the assessment results that families trust us to procure, should  never be called into question.   That being said, we leave test preparation and the dissemination of test prep materials to other service providers.


Why choose Capstone Gifted Services?

Although our company was born in 2016,  we have over 20 years of experience working with gifted children and their families and building trusting relationships that support children.  Our lead educational consultants have advanced degrees in Gifted and Talented Education, Educational Administration, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Strategies.  Combined with practical classroom experience, they are also parents of gifted children and have close encounters with the challenges (and joys) associated with raising gifted children.  Our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with our Capstone families.

The professional educational consultants at Capstone Gifted Services are passionate about the importance of gifted education and committed to making sure that the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted children are met.  We look forward to working with your family to determine how we can best support your child and help you be their best advocate.  

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